DXT006: OPX - Kepler-11

$5 USD
Release date: 27 January 2013
Format: Digital
Catalog number: DXT-006

Kepler-11 the second release from OPX is now available on DXT Records. Enjoy a mind-trip into cyberspace with this acid sci-fi infused tunes!

Listen to the album first.

DXT005: OPX - Exoplanets

Free download
Release date: 2 January 2013
Format: Digital
Catalog number: DXT-005

DXT Records is proud to present Exoplanets, the new album from OPX.

It´s a release full of sci-fi synths, textures, acid basslines and powerful, yet clean, 808 beats.

Grab yours today exclusively at the DXT Records Shop!

DXT002: Pablo Awad - Expansion

$5 USD
Release date: 25 September 2012
Format: Digital
Catalog number: DXT-002

Pablo Awad’s new album is now available exclusively on DXT Records.

The acid bass lines of the 303, distant field recordings, dark synths chords, voice samples, and the forceful percussion of the 808, characterize Expansion.